Vive le Sabotage – Let’s sabotage the G20-world!

Between the 7th and 8th of July the state and government chiefs of the 19 national-states and the EU, which have dominated the global power-relationship for decades, will meet in Hamburg. Similar to the G8/G7, the G20 is an agreement and representation-platform of the elites. In this context, shielded by 20.000 highly armed security forces, a lot of hypocritical stuff will be said about poverty reduction, human right defense and environmental protection, while the opposite will be practiced.

Since the massive summit protest in Heiligendamm in 2007, the world-wide crises regime has gotten dramatically worse and it is virtually grotesque that the main responsible want to restage themselves again as competent crises manager:

The G20 stand for a capitalist agenda of the tightened concurrenz and profit-maximization, the destruction of the environment, growth obsession and unworthily exploitation word-wide. Their politics accelerate and stipulate global and local social inequality.

The G20 are not one uniform power bloc. The stakeholders compete with and against each other. They wage (proxy-) wars like in Syria or Ukraine, while they profit from the weapon export to all the trouble spots worldwide. At the same time, they bring the all surrounding surveillance and police armament to perfection in the inner state.

They build fences and walls around the island of prosperity and defend them with military means. While the death of 10 000, that are fleeing from the devastations in their home countries, is noticed by shrugging. The attendees of the G20 Summit stand for exactly this world!

Since a couple of years, the neoliberal-technocratic regime is receiving growing concurrence from rightwing-populist to fascist movements. Those agitate across classes nationalist for sexist ad nationalist matters and are aiming for a reactionary roll-back in all spheres. Lately they managed to put the sexist and racist real estate mogul Trump into the white house. The election of Trump is a symbol for the threatening state in which we find ourselves in 2017. Trump will find himself, together with the Brazilian upper-class rebel Michel Tremer, the Brexist populists, the EU-imperialists around Merkel, the autocrat Putin and the clerical fascist Erdogan a.o in „respectable“ bad company.

The creative- militant summit mobilizations in Seattle, Genua a.o managed already once to queere the pitch of the ruling spectacle. In 2017 they will try once again, to use hamburgs metropolitan stage, to proclaim the temporary state of emergency.

The city of hamburg with its harbor, likes to stage manage as cosmopolitan, but rather stands for the free movement of goods, while thousands are drowning in the Mediterranean see.

We will claim their stage!

The global power relation are also always contested. World wide people are organizing, despite harsh circumstances for a world of solidarity and emancipation, in many places reverting on generation-crossing and anti-colonial resistances traditions.

They fight against capitalist exploitation and patriarchal-religious paternalism: Self-confident workers, like currently in Greece, occupy factories and autonomously organize the plant. Land-occupation initiatives from peasants in Brazil, Bangladesh, the Philippines and elsewhere are seeking out a life in dignity. Due to deadly persecutions, LGBT*IQ movements are disputing for a self-determined life. Migrants are taking their right for the freedom of movement and brave fighters create local autonomy in regions like Rojava and Chiapas.

We want to strengthen our Utopias against the shitty world of the G20. We have had enough! We want to carry our anger and our resistance to the streets of Hamburg!

We are calling all the groups and people from Berlin to got to the G20 and to make the Summit a desaster! A cracking event is wonderful, but emancipatory change and resistance against the reactionary roll-back is building upon the less audible daily struggles!

There are numerous of them here. Lets try to get them together again and to make them stronger by looking to Hamburg.

We call on you to participate in a strategic debate, on how we can
confront the world of the G20 and offensively fight emancipatory struggles everyday. You can discuss in your affinity groups, organize Events and share your thoughts in written form. To be able to publish them and to have a productive exchange we have open up a
If you do have suggestions, Information, calls or announcements, please contact us: please use encyption, here you find our pgp code.

You are invited to our 3d Berlin wide general assembly on Saturday 26th March, 26th, 3pm in Mehringhof.

Be aware of announcements on the Blog.

We are standing for a social, solidly united, emancipatory world, that question over and over oppression, hierachies and all forms of discrimination -also in our own ranks. *

Authority is attackable always and everywhere! Come with us to Hamburg! Use the time in Berlin!